Cloud Chasing Tips and Tricks

There’s a lot more to cloud chasing than simply blowing big dense clouds of smoke. While some believe that bigger is better, there are some who prefer to show off with trendy tricks that showcase their skills in handling and manipulating smoke. Some people like to make use of certain techniques in order to create beautiful puffs of cloud that many even consider to be art. If you want to do more than just exhale large globs of smoke, you should definitely try some of these amazing cloud chasing tips and tricks

Cloud Chasing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Producing O’s – One of the most popular tricks for many vapers and smokers alike is the O. This particular trick involves creating round donuts of smoke that follow each other in close succession. To make O’s, take a drag from your vape and turn your lips inward. Cough silently from the back of your throat with your mouth slightly open to form an O shape. If you want to produce more O’s, cough more frequently.

Ghost Inhale – If you want a creepy trick to show your friends and foes, this one will surely fit the bill. To perform the ghost inhale, take a long drag from your vape and keep all of the smoke in your mouth. Let the smoke stay in your mouth for a while and then push it out slightly from between your lips. Before the smoke escapes from the area in front of your mouth, quickly inhale and suck the smoke back in for a creepy effect.

Bull Ring – To create a smoke bull ring, create an O as per the previous instructions. Before the O escapes your breathing area, position your nostrils close to the top curve of the O and inhale through your nose once and quickly.

Face Mask – If you’ve watched any recent Batman movies, you probably know who Bane is and what he looks like. You can recreate the Bane mask with your smoke by taking a long drag from your vape and keeping the smoke in your lungs. Tuck in your top lip towards the back of your lower teeth and allow the smoke to seep into your mouth. Once the smoke starts to rise out through the spaces between your teeth, inhale through your nose and lead the smoke towards your nostrils. This will create the illusion of the mask strands that make up Bane’s mask.