Is E-Juice Safe

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are incredibly popular today, revolutionizing the way that people go about smoking cigarettes (and marijuana) – but most folks are still wondering whether or not these products are as safe and they advertise themselves to be.

Most have come around the idea that the actual vaporization process of tobacco or marijuana in of these products is simple, straightforward, and nothing to really worry about. But people are still concerned about the actual cartridges filled with e-juice that are vaporized in these electronic cigarettes and whether or not they are completely safe for regular and routine use.

To better help you understand exactly what you’re getting into – and to really shine light on whether or not e-juice is safe – we’ve put together some answers in this quick guide.

E-juice ingredient lists are purposefully capped very, very simple

Understanding that people are concerned about the safety of the e-juice itself used in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, the companies responsible for manufacturing e-juice almost always keep their ingredient list limited to just four or five ingredients and that’s all.

This is done in an effort to maintain complete and total transparency with the consumer, giving them the opportunity to know EXACTLY what is ending up in the air e-juice and then later in their bodies. You won’t have any trouble whatsoever researching every ingredient contained within the particular e-juice that you choose to use going forward.

The base ingredients of e-juice are harmless, it’s the additives that you have to be on the lookout for

The base and foundation ingredients of all e-juice products are going to be made up of one of two (or a combination of) liquid elements – propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. Both of these materials are 100% safe, proven to be okay for long-term consumption, and nothing for you to worry about at all. They are natural products and won’t ever put your short or long-term health in jeopardy.

The other ingredients that are included in e-juice products, however, are where you really start to kind of roll the dice. 90% of e-juice will be made above propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, but the other 10% is going to be a combination of nicotine additive, flavor additives, and possibly a handful of other ingredients that you really need to research to figure out whether or not this particular type of e-juice is safe.

Only after diving into the full ingredient list of the e-juice products you have chosen to use and really researching their health impact (if any) will you be able to know if that specific e-juice is safe to use going forward.